Licensing Classes

GGET YOUR LICENSE! The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club schedules free classes on an as needed basis, that will help you prepare for the FCC Technician exams and get your license! The classes are taught under the supervision of an American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Certified Instructor by qualified, active hams who will be on hand to help every student over the rough spots. Additionally, our local mentors will be available between classes to answer any questions which may come up while students are studying at home.

These classes typically continue for 6 weeks, and will end with a Certified Volunteer Exam session locally. The material is appropriate for all ages from 10 to 110, however parents of those under 13 are especially encouraged to sit in with their children to provide any needed support. The course consists of the material you will need to know in order to take and pass the FCC license exams, and will follow the material in the ARRL License Manual Second Edition, which although not required is available from the American Radio Relay League or other vendors for the list price of $29.95 or through the Quad-County Amateur Radio Club at a substantial discount.

Topics to be covered include every group of questions on the FCC Technician Exam Element 2:


    – FCC Rules, descriptions and definitions for the amateur radio service, operator and station license responsibilities


    – Operating Procedure


    – Radio wave characteristics, radio and electromagnetic properties, propagation modes


    – Amateur radio practices and station set up


    – Electrical principles, math for electronics, electronic principles, Ohm’s Law


    – Electrical components, semiconductors, circuit diagrams, component functions


    – Station equipment; common transmitter and receiver problems, antenna measurements and troubleshooting, basic repair and testing


    – Modulation modes; amateur satellite operation, operating activities, non-voice communication


    – Antennas, feedlines


    – AC power circuits, antenna installation, RF hazards

Enrollment is open to everyone. To ensure we are prepared, we ask that you please send a note to to let us know you plan to take part in the class.



6 comments to Licensing Classes

  • Michael Barnes

    Please let me know the next time you are having classes. I am interested in getting a Ham Radio license. Thanks for your reply.

    Mike Barnes
    Ringgold, PA

    • Hello Mike,

      Plans for the next licensing class are underway, but not finalized. Most likely the class will be in DuBois in the spring. Are there any days of the week you cannot attend (for example Tuesday and Thrusday)?

      In the meantime, you are welcome and encouraged to attend any and all of our club meetings and social functions. Our Christmas dinner is on Friday, December 16 at 6:30 pm at the Fort Worth Hotel, West Long Avenue, DuBois. Out regular Breakfast is on Saturday, December 10 at 9:30 am at Sid’s Super Subs on Old Town Road near Hyde in Clearfield.

      Why not plan on attending, so you can meet some of the local hams and become part of our group?

      Joe W3BC
      President, Quad-County Amateur Radio Club

  • Richard Brubaker

    I’m interested in taking classes. Thank you, Dick………

    • Thank you for your interest in Licensing Classes. We are planning a 6-week Technician class to begin later this month. Please send an email to: and indicate which evening would be best for you, or any evenings that you simply cannot attend. For example if you would like Tuesday evenings and absolutely can’t make it on Wednesday, you could say, “Tuesday YES, Wednesday no.”

      I would like to personally invite you to visit our January breakfast in Clearfield at Sid’s Super Subs at 9:30 am Saturday, January 14, and our January meeting in DuBois at Eat ‘N Park at 7:30 on Friday, January 20. If you’d like to eat before the meeting, food service will be at 6:30. We will be in the back meeting room.

      I look forward to seeing you, both at our meetings and at the upcoming classes.

      Joe SHupienis W3BC
      President, Quad-County Amateur Radio Club

  • Jim Wicker

    Hi Joe. I’m currently attending your class and it was very helpful to see the radio you brought in last night. Thank you for that. I mentioned a radio that I was watching online but wasn’t even close to the actual name of it. Anyway, I’ve included a link to it and was hoping you could look it over and let me know what you think. Thanks

  • Andy

    Hi Joe,
    Thanks for putting me in touch with your club and the class schedule. My wife and I are both planning to attend the classes and take the Technician Exam. We’re looking forward to joining the Ham community!

    Andy Sutton

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