Our Founding Members

Charter Members

The Following early members believed in the concept of a wide-area club, and gave freely of their money, time and effort to make such a club become a reality and a success. We owe each of them a debt of gratitude for their wisdom, perseverance and foresight.

    K3BFO * Gil Hamilton Coolspring Jefferson
    WA3BUX * Dick Flanders Du Bois Clearfield
    W3DQF * Mason Freeman Allens Mills Jefferson
    W3FJY * Bill McLaughlin Punxsutawney Jefferson
    WA3GLJ Helen Fryer Sigel Jefferson
    W3GNR * Gary Boucher Du Bois Clearfield
    WA3GNS * George McKnight St Marys Elk
    WA3HPE Bruce Girrell Du Bois Clearfield
    WA3HSE Dick Leach Du Bois Clearfield
    K3HWJ * Art Sweeney Punxsutawney Jefferson
    WA3IHK Joe Shupienis Du Bois Clearfield
    K3IQN * George T. Platco Brockway Jefferson
    W3KZI Jim Calkins Johnsonburg Elk
    W3MFB Bill Hann Du Bois Clearfield
    W3PHG Ray Humphrey Brookville Jefferson
    K3QEQ Bill Zavatsky Du Bois Clearfield
    W3QIV * Bill Decker Curwensville Clearfield
    K3TFL * Jim Albert Du Bois Clearfield
    K3VUZ Don Sherry Sinnemahoning Cameron
    WN3WPR * Paul Lanzoni Brockway Jefferson
    WN3WPS Charles Zimmer Emporium Cameron
    K3ZDR Paul Silinsky Du Bois Clearfield
    WA3LZH Don Wilson Brookville Jefferson
    W3FHM Frank Etherson St Marys Elk
    WA3GMT * Ed Golla Reynoldsville Jefferson
    WA3GQU Fred Barr Du Bois Clearfield
    WA3GWI Tom Brown    
    K3HEZ * Ward Haines Clearfield Clearfield
    W3KQR * Bill Boalich Clearfield Clearfield
    W3KXP Paul Lesser St Marys Elk
    K3LYJ Marshal Shaw Wallaceton Clearfield
    K3MJT * Norris Boucher Du Bois Clearfield
    W3RNR Art Smith Summerville Jefferson
    WN3TYR Jon Siverling Du Bois Clearfield
    K3VAD Bob Burkett Punxsutawney Jefferson
    W3WM Art Kunst Du Bois Clearfield
    W3YUG Harold Goodman Emporium Cameron
    K3ZVG * Frank Humphrey Reynoldsville Jefferson
    WN3AFS John Lackatos Brockway Jefferson
    W3BWH * Dr. Joseph Vancheri Punxsutawney Jefferson
    W3FF * Ron Drummond Punxsutawney Jefferson
    W3QOS Sham Hollopeter Big Run Jefferson
    K3LIX Dick Hockman Du Bois Jefferson
    W3ZYK Harry Metzger Sinnemahoning Cameron
    W3BGI Mae Metzger Sinnemahoning Cameron
    WA3UFN Bryan Simanic Du Bois Clearfield
    W3IE * Wilbur “Bumps” Rimer St Marys Elk
    WA3NRC Harold K. Miller Clearfield Clearfield
    WB3BQO Pete Carr Ridgway Elk
    W3QKP Frank Wall Clearfield Clearfield
    WN3CCW Emmit “Muggs” Clark Du Bois Clearfield
    WA3UKE * Bernie Masonis Du Bois Clearfield
    K3WVR Jim Domitrovich Du Bois Clearfield

    * Silent Key


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