Welcome to Amateur Radio

Welcome to the world of Amateur Radio. The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club is happy to help you obtain your license and get on the air. We want you to know that you are welcome at all of our meetings and get-togethers. Getting to know other hams is the best way to be introduced to this rich, rewarding hobby.

Amateur Radio is much more than just a hobby — many of us have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn by doing. There is no better way to gain electronics experience and communication skills than by putting your own amateur radio station on the air! Many of today’s successful electronic specialists, technicians and engineers got their start in Amateur Radio and remain active hams today.

The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club gives back to the community, too. We offer our communications skills, equipment and time to the public in times of emergency, and to support other public service activities throughout the year.

There is a long, Quad-County history of offering classes to help people get and upgrade their Amateur Radio licenses. We were the first group in the area to offer license exams under the Volunteer Examiner program in 1985. We still offer regularly scheduled VE sessions and are associated with the ARRL VEC.

Starting Points

There is a lot of good information on amateur radio available for free on the Internet. This is only natural, because the entire field of personal computers was begun by Radio Amateurs! Click on any link to check out the wealth of information listed below.

    [expand title=”Hello Radio!”]

      Introduction to Amateur Radio, celebrating 100 years of voice over radio. 

      Hello Radio Website

    [expand title=”The American Radio Relay League”]

      The ARRL is the national organization for Amateur Radio. Founded in 1917 and headquartered in Newington, CT, the ARRL is the premier organization for hams and those who want to become hams. Their website is full of good information and a great place to start your journey to becoming a ham! 


    [expand title=”QRZ.com”]

      QRZ.com is an online database of amateur callsigns and addresses, but also hosts discussion groups and other features. One of the most popular features is an online exam preparation tool, which uses actual exam questions from the FCC question pools. Once you can pass the exams repeatedly, you’re ready for the real thing! 

      QRZ.com Exam Practice


Local Elmers

An “Elmer” is an experienced radio amateur who helps newcomers get over the rough spots in becoming a ham. Elmers provide advice and guidance, and are always ready to help others. The following amateurs have agreed to be available to help newcomers in their communities get started in Amateur Radio.

    [expand title=”Brockway”]
    [expand title=”Brookville”]

    Steve Waltman, KB3FPN
    814-849-3398 after 6 pm

    [expand title=”Clearfield/Curwensville”]

    John (Jack) Lovesky, AA3AZ

    [expand title=”DuBois/Falls Creek/Sandy”]

    Herb Murray, W3TM
    Falls Creek

    Joe Shupienis, W3BC
    DuBois Area

    [expand title=”Emporium”]

    [expand title=”Johnsonburg/Wilcox”]

    [expand title=”Kylertown/Morrisdale”]

    [expand title=”Mahaffey/Coalport”]

    Tom Robinson, W3KWT
    814-277-6498 Mostly in the evenings & week ends

    [expand title=”Punxsutwaney”]

    [expand title=”Reynoldsville”]

    [expand title=”Ridgway”]

    [expand title=”St Marys”]



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