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Wednesday 10/18/2017 0%
Plentiful sunshine. High 69F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.
Thursday 10/19/2017 10%
Sunny skies. High 68F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.
Friday 10/20/2017 10%
A mainly sunny sky. High 69F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.
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Amateur Radio License Exam Session

Amateur Radio License Exam Session

EXAM SESSION 09/29/2017 ALL CLASSES OF LICENSE EXAMS WILL BE OFFERED. Sponsor: Quad County ARC Date: Sep 29 2017 Time: 6:00 PM (Walk-ins allowed) Contact: Joe Shupienis (814) 371-3235 Email: w3bc@arrl.net VEC: ARRL/VEC Location: Penn State Dubois Smeal Building Du Bois, PA  15801

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2017 Jamboree On The Air

2017 Jamboree On The Air

This year the QCARC will activating a station from the Hallstrom Building located at the Camp Mountain Run Scout Camp. The station, N3QC, will be operating on HF bands, considering propagation characteristics to a given part of the World that we intend to communicate with. VHF & UHF frequencies may be activated ...

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W3CDG-11 Balloon Launch In The Air From Pittsburgh

The W3CDG-11 balloon launch is in the air. To watch the progress go to: aprs.fi for the current info. Launch was from the Pgh. Zoo.     The Balloon has landed in the Brackenridge. PA area. Congratulations to those affiliated with the successful flight!

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High Altitude Balloons Pass Nearby

High Altitude Balloons Pass Nearby

          Two high altitude balloons with APRS telemetry reporting transmitters passed just west of DuBois on September 13. These balloons were reporting altitudes of just over 45,000' and temperatures around 12 degrees F. I happened to capture a screen shot one of the balloons as it was posted online, via the WA3UFN-1, ...

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Hurricane Irma The Latest Severe Weather Threat

Hurricane Irma The Latest Severe Weather Threat

  Even though the hurricanes are well south of Pennsylvania, amateurs in our area may still be able to help pass health and welfare traffic. The hurricane watch net should be active as you read this. The net will be active on 14.325 MHz, then switch to 7.268 as conditions change. Check ...

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Baker Trail Ultra-Marathon — Good Test Of Preparedness

Baker Trail Ultra-Marathon -- Good Test Of Preparedness

  Area amateurs recently had an opportunity to actually test preparedness at the Baker Trail Ultra-Marathon where amateurs provided communications along a 50 mile trail where cellular communication was mostly unavailable. This was the real deal in testing the functionality of equipment and abilities of the operators to set up effective ...

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Amateur Radio Parity Act Moves Into The Senate

Amateur Radio Parity Act Moves Into The Senate

  This important piece of legislation that may very well have an effect on more amateur radio operators than what you may first  expect, has moved into the Senate. The legislation has a history of bi-partisan support but we still need to keep aware of what is occurring with the bill ...

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Sometimes things do not all ways as they appear. SkyWarn training may conjure up ideas of intense detailed training for the likes of those who are meteorologists.  No so! This training is for the everyday person on the street, so to say. The training gives the everyday person the background to ...

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Clearfield County SkyWarn® Training Scheduled

Clearfield County SkyWarn® Training Scheduled

The SkyWarn presentation has been rescheduled for July 19, 2017. This training is open to amateur radio operators as well as the general public. It is not required but if amateur radio operators could, also email me if  you anticipate attending at: “bryan at wa3ufn dot com”. Since I initiated the planning ...

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North Western PA Tornado

Severe Weather Awareness Week started a bit early for folks in North Western PA. April 20, 2017 brought an EF0 tornado to Mathews Run in Warren County, just north west of Youngsville, PA. Fortunately there were no injuries or serious damage from the short lived tornado. Details of the tornado can ...

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Since the National Weather Service outline for Severe Weather Week encompasses the weather that we encounter in our area, it might just be a great idea to check the State College, NWS website (http://www.weather.gov/ctp/SevereWeatherAwarenessWeek) for some important information. The information on the web pages just happen expand on the April ...

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WIRES-X , The New Kid on the Block

This article was originally posted January 15, 2016 Just above the horizon – WIRES-X! Recently you may have heard some rather odd noises and unlikely QSOs taking place on the N3QC, 147.315 repeater. The latest update to our repeater was added January 12, 2016 when the Yaesu Wires-X Voice Over Internet ...

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Desktop Wallpaper, 4x3, on green

April 2017 Parasitic Emission

In a shocking development, Joe W3BC has finally come to his senses and put out a modest but informative edition of the Parasitic Emission newsletter. You may download it here: Parasitic Emission, Volume 43, Number 1, April 2017

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Pennsylvania Flood Safety Awareness Week

The National Weather Service Flood Safety Awareness Week Begins March 27. Considering we experience flooding in our area rather often, it is likely worth your time to check out the National Weather Service flood safety week web page at http://www.weather.gov/ctp/floodSafetyWeek The week starts out with information on the continuing effort ...

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Please Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

I know this is not directly related to amateur radio but it is directly related to neighborhood safety. It may even be directly related to your safety!

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Minutes, March 2013


Regular Meeting

March 15, 2013

Corrected at April Meeting

The regular March meeting of the Quad-County Amateur Radio Club was called to order at 7:31 pm, Friday, March 15, 2013 by President W3TM in the Hiller Building on the Penn State DuBois Campus. Following the salute to the Flag, the members observed a moment of silence for silent keys. A round of introductions followed

Attendance:12 13 members and four three guests were in attendance: W3BC, KB3ZKJ, KB3ZVG, KB3LES, KA3FHV, W3DWR, W3TM, KA3YCB, KB3VWX, KB3WBT, W3BEV, AB3OG, KB3FPN, and guests KB3KTD, KB3KTE, KB3FPN, KA3DEL,.


The Minutes of the Regular February meeting were read by Secretary W3BC. On a, motion by KB3LES, second by KB3VWX, the February minutes were approved as read.

The Secretary reported that no correspondence was received or sent.


W3DWR reported the Club treasury balance stands at $732.09 On a motion by W3BC, second by KA3YCB, the Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Treasurer W3DWR reported that membership renewals stand at 37, with 21 ARRL members reported.

Committee Reports


KB3WBT reminded everyone that the Spring Banquet will be on Saturday, April 27 at 5:30 in the Banquet Room of the DuBois Diner.

Education & Training Coordinator W3BC reported that spring licensing classes are in progress

Upgrade classes began on Friday February 8th in Reynoldsville , with Morse Code training offered from 6 to 6:30 for those interested.

A Technician Class began on Thursday eveningsat the Lock Haven University Clearfield Campus.

A combined VE session will be scheduled to coincide with completion of both classes.

FEMA/NIMS training for interested hams is being held before the regular meetings. Tonight’s traffic handling session went very well

Membership – W3DWR reminded everyone regarding renewals.

Nets – W3DWR and W3BC reported that the Hamshack Net is being held at 7 pm every Wednesday on the WAN Repeater System.

Programs – KB3WBT offered to present a program on rebuilding radios.

Public Service – Coordinator KA3YCB reported on upcoming SKYWARN training sessions.


WA3UFN sent a report that the N3QC DuBois UHF repeater is ron the air for testing on 443.85 MHz with a +5 MHz offset and CTCSS tone of 173.8. Coordination is pending and expected to be granted at the April 21 WPRC meeting.

Old Business

On a motion by KB3WBT, seconded by KA3YCB, the hamfest committee will be instructed to prepare an operational plan for a hamfest to be held next spring. Motion Carried.

New Business

Moved by W3BC and seconded by W3DWR to plan a 27-hour Field Day operation. This would entail delaying all set-up activity until 2:00 Saturday, and tear-down would begn at 5:00 pm Sunday. Motion Carried.

Moved by W3BC and seconded by KA3YCB to invite the Punxsutawney Area Amateur Radio Club to participate again in a joint Field Day operation. Motion Carried.

Moved by W3BC and seconded by KB3WBT that the club shall purchase food, soft drinks, condiments and utensils for the Field day operation. Motion Carried.

Good of the Order

With no further business to be brought before the Club, on a motion by AB3OG, second by KB3WBT, the meeting was adjourned at 8:28pm.



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