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QC Weather

Chance of a Thunderstorm
Saturday 08/19/2017 80%
Chance of a Thunderstorm
Cloudy early, then thunderstorms developing this afternoon. Gusty winds and small hail are possible. High 78F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%.
Partly Cloudy
Sunday 08/20/2017 10%
Partly Cloudy
Partly cloudy skies. High 82F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph.
Monday 08/21/2017 10%
Mostly sunny skies. High around 85F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.
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Latest News

he 2016 Baker Trail Ultra-marathon will be held starting at 6:30 AM Saturday August 26, 2017. This year will be on the "northern section" of the trail (Cook Forest to Brookville).  Here is a link for information and to sign up: http://www.rachelcarsontrails.org/bt/ultrachallenge/uc17    Scroll to the bottom of the page. Please mark your ...

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Amateur Radio Parity Act Moves Into The Senate

Amateur Radio Parity Act Moves Into The Senate

  This important piece of legislation that may very well have an effect on more amateur radio operators than what you may first  expect, has moved into the Senate. The legislation has a history of bi-partisan support but we still need to keep aware of what is occurring with the bill ...

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Sometimes things do not all ways as they appear. SkyWarn training may conjure up ideas of intense detailed training for the likes of those who are meteorologists.  No so! This training is for the everyday person on the street, so to say. The training gives the everyday person the background to ...

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Clearfield County SkyWarn® Training Scheduled

Clearfield County SkyWarn® Training Scheduled

The SkyWarn presentation has been rescheduled for July 19, 2017. This training is open to amateur radio operators as well as the general public. It is not required but if amateur radio operators could, also email me if  you anticipate attending at: “bryan at wa3ufn dot com”. Since I initiated the planning ...

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North Western PA Tornado

Severe Weather Awareness Week started a bit early for folks in North Western PA. April 20, 2017 brought an EF0 tornado to Mathews Run in Warren County, just north west of Youngsville, PA. Fortunately there were no injuries or serious damage from the short lived tornado. Details of the tornado can ...

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Since the National Weather Service outline for Severe Weather Week encompasses the weather that we encounter in our area, it might just be a great idea to check the State College, NWS website (http://www.weather.gov/ctp/SevereWeatherAwarenessWeek) for some important information. The information on the web pages just happen expand on the April ...

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WIRES-X , The New Kid on the Block

This article was originally posted January 15, 2016 Just above the horizon – WIRES-X! Recently you may have heard some rather odd noises and unlikely QSOs taking place on the N3QC, 147.315 repeater. The latest update to our repeater was added January 12, 2016 when the Yaesu Wires-X Voice Over Internet ...

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Desktop Wallpaper, 4x3, on green

April 2017 Parasitic Emission

In a shocking development, Joe W3BC has finally come to his senses and put out a modest but informative edition of the Parasitic Emission newsletter. You may download it here: Parasitic Emission, Volume 43, Number 1, April 2017

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Pennsylvania Flood Safety Awareness Week

The National Weather Service Flood Safety Awareness Week Begins March 27. Considering we experience flooding in our area rather often, it is likely worth your time to check out the National Weather Service flood safety week web page at http://www.weather.gov/ctp/floodSafetyWeek The week starts out with information on the continuing effort ...

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Please Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

I know this is not directly related to amateur radio but it is directly related to neighborhood safety. It may even be directly related to your safety!

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Basic SKYWARN in Punxsutawney

National Weather Service Pittsburgh will be conducting a BASIC SKYWARN course at the Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center 201 N Findley St on Thursday April 27, 2017 starting at 6PM. To register, email marlene@weatherdiscovery.org This course is open to ANYONE interested in Weather. Hams are encouraged to attend. If you are a current ...

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I Have My Amateur Radio Operator License – Now What

This question often occurs with newly licensed radio amateurs, and may occur from time to time with those who have been licensed for a few years. One of your first avenues to find out an answer to a question may be your local amateur radio club. Often times there are ...

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Get Weather Ready Before A Tornado

Spring really is not too far away and with the change of seasons some rather interesting but destructive weather can occur. One of the more serious weather phenomenons we have to occasionally deal with is the tornado. While not a frequent issue, it is one that we need to be ...

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NOAA’s  National Weather Service Pages Are Changing

NOAA's National Weather Service Pages Are Changing

If there is anything true about our world it is change! The changes on the NWS pages has been moved to April, as the information states.: "Effective April 4, 2017, NWS will implement the next version of the forecast pages. Highlights will include a standardized look and feel, a mobile-ready landing ...

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Updated QCARC Net Format

Hi folks, by clicking on the Club logo below, you will find the current net format to be used for the VHF and UHF nets. This format was first used for the February 19, 2017 VHF and UHF nets and is available for download so that anyone can run the net. Running ...

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We Are Quad-County

WWE ARE The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club, an ARRL Special Service Club serving Radio Amateurs in Clearfield, Jefferson, Elk and Cameron Counties, and communities in the eleven immediately surrounding counties in central Pennsylvania since 1975. We are proud of our rich history; we are active today, and we are ready to face the challenges of the future.

The overarching concepts of our club are Service and Fraternity. We welcome all Radio Amateurs, and everyone interested in Amateur Radio, Public Service, communications and electronics throughout our four-county area. In the vision of our founder, Joe Shupienis (W3BC), the best way to maintain a healthy club is maintaining a large enough membership to ensure worthwhile activities, and in our rural area the way to achieve sufficient numbers is to incorporate a large geographic area. This is why we serve four counties. In spite of the large distances, we’ve made it work. We note with satisfaction our experience that people will drive 50 miles and more to a club activity… if it’s worth the trip!

Services Offered

As a Special Service Club, we actively seek to present amateur radio in a favorable public light, and welcome new amateurs to the hobby by teaching licensing classes and conducting regular Volunteer Exam sessions. We are establishing a Local Mentor program to bring new and experienced hams in each of our communities together for the good of everyone involved. During floods, blizzards, tornadoes and transportation accidents, we are there, offering our communications skills, equipment and effort to help those in need. We routinely offer communications support at such functions as parades, races and other public gatherings.

We sponsor several wide-coverage repeaters from atop the backbone of the Allegheny Mountains, linking Amateur communities on both eastern and western sides of the Eastern Continental Divide. Our legendary Sunday Evening Quad-County FM Net has been on the air weekly since 1975, making it the oldest net in continuous existence in the area we serve.

From the first issue distributed at our very first meeting in 1975, we continue to publish the award-winning newsletter, The Parasitic Emission every month. Keeping up with the times, it is now a high-quality, graphic-intense, full-color PDF electronic magazine. It is emailed to all known hams in our area free of charge, and includes news, meeting information, and directories of club officers, nets and repeaters for seven clubs from Potter to Cambria County. Our editorial policy is to publish only original material, and not to copy syndicated content the reader has already seen everywhere else. Featured content includes original technical, operating, opinion and entertaining articles from a number of authors throughout our area, including published QST and CQ Magazine authors. All recent issues are available for download, and all available back issues are being scanned and made available as searchable PDF files. This is an ongoing project, and is important because we are preserving a good deal of our rich history for posterity.

National Affiliation

We became an Affiliated Club of the American Radio Relay League in 1978, and support the ARRL, The National Association For Amateur Radio™. Our Volunteer Examiner team is coordinated by the ARRL VEC. In 1985 we became an ARRL Special Service Club, and we renewed our SSC status in 2011. The ARRL defines Special Service Clubs in these words: “Truly special Amateur Radio clubs are well balanced in their programs for serving the community, developing club members’ Amateur Radio skills and social activities, striving each year to build on their successes to improve their effectiveness… Being an SSC should mean that members have certain skills, that the club as a group has the ability to improve service inside and outside the Amateur Radio community, and that it does so when needed.”

Current Activities

We operate amateur radio station, N3QC with HF, VHF and UHF capability. We participate in ARRL Field Day from public locations, and set up a special station to permit visitors to experience Amateur Radio for themselves, and talk over the air with distant stations. We hold monthly meetings, and we do our best to provide an interesting Amateur Radio program for our members at each meeting. Refreshments are served, and there is time to socialize after each meeting. We also have an informal Saturday Breakfast session each month. To round out our social calendar, we host an annual Picnic and a Christmas Dinner.

We re-instituted our traditional Spring Banquet, as a regular event, and arrange for high-level featured speakers. We sponsored a popular annual Swap Meet in the past, and we are considering how we can continue this popular event. At other times throughout the year, we set up special event stations at public events, and invite the public to experience today’s amateur radio.

We are currently offering a Technician license preparation class, and are in the planning stages for offering upgrade classes to General and Extra Class licenses. We have appointed Public Service, Public Information, Technology, Program, Activity and Membership Officers, several of whom have also been officially appointed by the WPA ARRL Section Manager to extend their services to other local clubs. We are in search of an Official Emergency Station, a Traffic Manager and a Youth Activities Coordinator.

Community Involvement

The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club actively takes part in community affairs. We partner with other community organizations to further our mutual public service activities, and to expand our service role in the various communities we serve. We have signed a Statement of Cooperation with the PA Heartland Chapter of The American Red Cross, in joint support of each other’s Public Service activities. We are developing cooperative educational projects with the DuBois Campus of Penn State, and are exploring more ways to be of service to our communities.

We believe we can attain our goal of providing the level of service to the amateur community commonly found only in “Big-City Clubs” right here in our own neck of the woods! With the help of every active amateur in our 15-county extended service area, we can reach—and exceed—that goal!

We are The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club. We are an active, service-oriented club serving the communities and Radio Amateurs in a 15-county area. Our goal is to make every Quad-County activity worth your trip, every time! We invite you to join us.


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