Amateur Radio Clubs, They’re All Over The Place


Amateur radio clubs are all over the place, some make their presence known while others seem to hide from the amateur radio world. There are different reasons amateur radio clubs exist. Some appear to be very focused as to their reason for existence, while others try to be the club for all reasons. Some clubs even appear to exist only on paper for reasons known only to the person in charge. Clubs really should not exist just for an individual’s benefit, I believe that it is counterproductive.

Amateur radio operators who are in the locale of an amateur radio club that really is active should join and take advantage of this valuable resource. Experienced amateurs can also benefit by adding to building the resource. It is rather easy to find out if there is a club in your area and the style of club will quickly become apparent if you attend only a few meetings.

Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of amateurs who have been licensed for a number of years by getting involved in an active amateur radio club. It is rather true that the only question that is “stupid” is the one that is not asked. Join an active club, listen to what is going on and ask questions in order to build your knowledge about amateur radio. Having your questions answered, by knowledgeable people, will enhance your amateur radio hobby. You can even ask for help with an antenna installation. If there are folks in the club who are able to help, they are likely to be more than happy to help you get on the air with a good antenna installation. Face it, just because you passed a test does not equate to “knowing it all”, you will never know it all. This rationale applies to all aspects of life where a test is passed to attain a certification or license.

Life is a continuous learning event, for many people. Amateur radio is a very good hobby for learning. An active club can provide a good environment to learn, given that the right people are involved in the hobby to learn from in your area. Take advantage of the resources at hand – join and participate in an active amateur radio club whether you just passed your exam or getting back into the hobby or someone who is a seasoned well versed amateur.



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