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CubeSats – An Interesting Concept

AMSAT recently deployed the FOX-1A amateur radio satellite, also designated AO-85. These tiny satellites are only 4 inches square! Image that little cube flying around the earth and using it to talk to other amateur radio operators around the world. Communications can be established via the FM transponder that has an uplink of 435.180 MHz and a downlink of 145.980 MHz. Reports are that the downlink signal is rather strong.

If you’re interested in listening for the new tiny satellite check out the active, real time locator map for AO-85 at –  http://www.n2yo.com/satellite/?s=40967

To obtain a precise time that AO-85 will pass over your location, check out the AMSAT Pass Prediction webpage. You will need to enter some data such as your grid square or your latitude and longitude.




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