National Hurricane Preparedness Week May 24-30

Even though our immediate area is typically not seriously effected by hurricanes, as amateur radio operators we can still offer assistance when a hurricane strikes. Often times there is a need to handle traffic for the effected areas that the hurricane impacts, amateurs can assist by listening to the recognized Hurricane Watch Net frequency of 14.325 MHz for any traffic that they can process.

This year Amateur Radio station WX4NHC stationed at the National Hurricane Center will conduct its station test May 30, 14:00 UTC through 22:00 UTC. This test is to check the station equipment, antennas and other systems prior to the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season that begins June 1 and continues through November 30. Details of the event can be read at WRN_Ambassador_logo

As a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador, the Quad-County Amateur Radio Club encourages everyone to take some time to read up on the hurricane information at:Hurricane Prep Week


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