Homebuilt Quagi for 70cm

Hello all readers, this is the Swede again.

This time I have been playing with a piece of pvc pipe and some aluminum wire, the result became a cheap and simple antenna for 70cm.

The pvc pipe is about 57″ end to end and is 5/8 diameter (you can use bigger, if thats in your junkbox) and then a couple of short pieces about 1/2″ used for the reflector and also the driven element. I also got a T pipe, as a “mastclamp” since the antenna only weighs a few ounzes  ;)

Here are the element lengths: Reflector loop 28″ Driven loop 26 5/8″        Directors 11 3/4″ to 11 7/16″ in 1/16 steps….

Element spacing: R-DE 7″  DE-D1  5 1/4″  D1-D2  11″  D2-D3  5,85″  D3-D4  8,73″  D4-D5 8,73″  D5-D6 8,73″

I will bring it to the meeting, so if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them.




3 comments to Homebuilt Quagi for 70cm

  • sm7fyw

    Hey u all, please comment on the postings too, dont have to be anything lenghty….;)

  • WA3UFN

    Hi Lars, Nice antenna!
    Bryan WA3UFN

  • Tom N8ZI

    I have modeled and built many Yagi-Uda, Quad and Quagi antennas and they all work great! Quagis are my favorite on VHF/UHF/SHF with their small size and big gain.
    Share more of your quagi antennas so others can join in the fun of building their own and being “radioactive”.

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