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Quad-County Licensing Class Concludes

The Quad-County ARC License Class finished on Thursday, August 11 with a VE exam session. The results were two new Technicians and one upgrade to General.We welcome new Technicians Greg Donahue KB3WKD and Bob Thunberg KB3WKE, both from Du Bois. (Bob is the former N3DIR, but his license lapsed many years ago. Welcome back, Bob.) Ed Neeper KB3VWX from Curwensville upgraded to General. Congratulations to all!

Our recent Clearfield Licensing Class was a success. We welcome new and upgraded hams to our ever-growing ranks!

[Photo (L-R): Bob Thunberg KB3WKE (ex-N3DIR), Greg Donahue KB3WKD, Bev Hudsick, Ed Neeper KB3VWX]



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