After months of hunting for Hawaii. Last night during a contest i worked two Hawaii stations. I was starting to think Hawaii was harder to work then the Antarctica. And yes contacts during a contest do count as regular contacts for your log.


H Deforest Murray III W3TM


3 comments to Hawaii

  • Congratulations, Herb. It’s an accomplishment. Now to get the QSL cards!!

  • Lars

    Cool Herb, every now and then, they show up, Congrats!!

  • W3TM

    Thank you guys

    I’m now getting all my eqsl and reg qsl card together. It has turned out to be a little bite of a task considering that i’ve had three calls in my two years of amateur radio. As Joe said i changed my call like i change my under wear, Well don’t expect for me to ever change my under wear again. I’m now getting ready to send out some more qsl cards there are a few states that i’ve logged contacts to but never sent or received qsl card from, Good thing i bought a book of stamps friday.

    H Deforest Murray III W3TM

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