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Join The League Through QCARC

TThe ARRL is the national asociation for Amateur Radio. Without the League, Amateur Radio would long ago have ceased existence.

In today’s tough times, every penny counts, and some question the need to belong to the League. The answer is: we need the ARRL now more than ever. Recently, the League has defended the Amateur Radio Service against powerful, deep-pocket corporate interests who threatened our precious frequencies. You’ve all heard of the BPL initiatives, which are now on the back burner, largely due to the League’s organized resistance. More recently, Congress wanted to horse-trade frequencies to fulfill campaign promises to emergency service providers by taking away our 432 MHz band. This too was defeated through the efforts of the ARRL.

The ARRL pays our club a commission when you join or renew ARRL Membership through us!

Every day, the League fights our battles for us with federal, state and local governments who picture us as a bunch of old geezers yelling “10-4” into our power mikes, or tip-tapping our rusty telegraph keys. Your ARRL dues support the League’s intensive efforts to change this image by educating and informing our leaders about Amateur Radio today.

Your dues also help your local club, too! The Quad-County Amateur Radio Club is an ARRL Special Service Club, and as a League Affiliated Club, we receive a portion of your dues, when you join or renew your ARRL membership. But this only works if you involve us in the process. You have to use the ARRL Membership Application for use by ARRL Af´Čüliated Clubs form, which you can bring to a club meeting along with your ARRL dues check, which must be made out to The Quad-County ARC.

You worked hard to get your license, you’ve spent a lot of money for your radios, and you have invested innumerable hours perfecting your skills on the air. You owe it to yourself, to your club and to Amateur Radio to protect that investment, and joining the ARRL is the way to do that. It’s even better for your friends and neighbors when you process your League Membership through the Quad-County ARC!




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